Why Prefer Heat Treatment to Eliminate Bed Bugs

Last night I was troubled by Cimex Lectularius, a kind of bed bugs. I was taken aback by the disturbance in my sound sleep. The monster sucked my blood hard. I could not sleep for around two hours due to frustration and pain due to rashes.

It was not the first time it happened at our abode. Other family members have also had complaints a couple of times. I thought it is high time to take the bugs seriously and do something that really works.

I searched for some of the ways to get rid of bed bugs, for instance: using pesticides, physical isolation, inorganic materials, disposal of contaminated belongings, vacuuming, cold and heat treatment.

According to my analysis, I realized bed bugs heat treatment to be the best. The reasons for this are:

It is environment friendly leaving no bad aftereffects on the health of the family members. It is a great alternative to chemicals for which the insects are increasingly developing resistance.

It is possible to kill the insects at all the stages, from all the corners of the rooms, and the hidden bugs are also not spared. The bugs stuck to clothes, blankets and bed sheets can be eradicated with dryers in high temperatures.

I have shared my experience because I know that these bugs are present all over the world, the cause of their growth is not yet clear and I do not want anyone else to get troubled like me. Go for heat treatment to eliminate bed bugs and stay safe.

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